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A Little Cupcake Goes a Long Way

Planning an event could be a fun and enjoyable experience. So much goes into planning a Bat Mitzvah, but one thing you may overlook is the advantage of using this experience to benfit others. Below is an article that was featured in Modiin Info this Month.

Making a bat mitzvah in Toronto and planning it all from Israel was an interesting and exhausting experience.

I say exhausting, simply due to the fact that emails were not enough and because of the time difference, an immense amount of time was spent on the phone during the wee hours of the night planning the event. It was decided that a Bat Mitzvah in Canada was a necessity, not only for the mere fact that our daughter made us promise her that we would do her Bat Mitzvah with her friends, but also because we did in fact choose to pick up and make aliyah during her Bat Mitzvah year. Yes, the Jewish guilt weighed in pretty heavy here. So, approximately nine months into our first year of being in Israel, we were picking a caterer, entertainment, décor, venue, and guest list for our return visit that summer.

There was one detail that did stump me for some time – the chesed piece of the simcha. It was very important to us to do a project in Toronto that can then be transported and donated in Israel. Of course there were many parameters, but in the end we came up with a perfect solution. Each child made a “cupcake” out of a onesie T-shirt and baby socks and stuck on a label that read, “mazel tov on your new baby”. These little cupcakes made it back safe and sound to Israel in August and stayed in a suitcase until the time came to donate them. On Purim afternoon, my two daughters, Hadar (age 12) and Ma’ayan (age 9) and I decided it was time. We donated these delicious looking non-edible cupcakes to 25 families in the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, who had just given birth to premature babies. We figured these little ones could use some new clothes rather than Bamba, lollipops and chocolate.

The experience was invaluable and we only hope and pray that these little ones grow up to be healthy and happy and an inspiration to their families and those who surround them.

See article here:

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